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Faye shares her knowledge and experience in this two day interactive playshop.

In North Georgia, just outside of Rome

New dates coming soon. If you are interested, email me at and I will email you when we can resume.



Learn how to transform your unwanted subconscious beliefs into an exhilarating source of power with a simple process you can use daily.

Experience being with the sound of Paiste gongs played by Faye. Relax, rejuvenate, transform.... as you heal the physical body and release non-beneficial emotions easily and effortlessly.

Identify repeating patterns, self destructive habits and limiting beliefs. Replace them with awareness and wisdom that empowers you and supports the changes you seek in your life. Learn the process that will put you in the power seat of your life, allowing you to easily create the ideal life you deserve!

Held at Fayes home in Armuchee Ga, near Rome.

Faye Henry















































For more information about sound and its effect uopn
your body click here.

So....what will the playshop cover?

Can you remember back to a time when you
were a magnetic, limitless creator who grabbed onto life with both hands and knew anything was possible?

Do you continue to live a life that is not fully who you are – always waiting to break through a veil of possibility that never seems to lift?

Is there much you want to accomplish – yet your mind is overflowing with unfocused thought clutter?

Are your personal blockages keeping your or maybe your clients from creating the life they want?

Do you struggle with issues such as:

• If I have constant money issues – how can I possibly help others achieve wealth?

• I’m stuck in an endless loop of searching for solutions using the same tired thought processes?

• Is my communication approach keeping me from connecting on deeper levels with clients, friends, and family?

• Is it possible to stem anxiety and create an oasis of calm in an otherwise chaotic life?

How deep are you willing to go for answers?

If you’re ready to tackle these challenging issues head-on, our Claim Your Life and Being with Gongs transformational play shop will help you finally achieve clarity as you redefine your personal truths.

Are you ready to unearth those hidden agreements and outdated beliefs?

• Move through life with more grace, more quiet assurance, and be the light for others.

• Unlock the blockages keeping you from becoming the successful creator of your story!

• Learn to speak clearly from your heart so you and your clients will experience faster results and realize potential more quickly.

Mark your calendar and make your reservations so you can be present for every minute.

July 16-18, 2021 9 AM to 6 PM

Limited to 5 people so we can socially distance for everyones safety.

Your weekend will be well spent and you will leave with:
• Knowing your end goal

• Fearlessly take the next step

• Cultivating laser focus

• Identifying old patterns and blockages

• Instantly transform negative emotions

• Clarify your purpose and direct your passion

What do people say after completing the Claim Your Life class?

Easy and leads to self-discovery...

Claim Your Life course is a godsend for anyone who knows what they want but can’t seem to get there. It is an interesting process, easy and leads to self-discovery. I am still getting great results! ~ Cathy Millard

In addition to all will also have two sonic massages where Faye will play her Paiste Gongs while you relax, re balance, and rejuvenate!

We will end each day with the sound and vibration of the gongs! Faye will also share a powerful process she created and calls the "Art of Being". Using your intention and attention, you can heal your body quickly and easily. You are powerful and will learn how to allow your body to do what it does best.

One of the powerful things that the gongs do is bubble the "issues right out of your tissues." This is the easiest method I have encountered for emotional release. And it is those emotions stuck in our tissues that eventually cause disease in our physical bodies. So while you relax in the vibration of the gongs, those vibrations gently massage those issues and entices the body to easily transform the non beneficial emotion into healing energy. As you relax, the body does what it does best...heals itself.












$350 per person

If you want to stay over, accomodations are available at additional cost. Contact Faye for availability and cost.

Pay in full or monthly payments via PayPal below.

Make check payable to: Faye Henry
and mail to:
3044 Haywood Valley Road
Armuchee, Ga 30105

Or call to set up monthly payments: 706-857-6300

Pay in Full or $100 Deposit

Cancelation Policy: Deposit is non refundable but may be applied to future event within 6 months. Additional payments are refundable until 30 days prior to event.