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Before and after aura photos show huge shift in a 45 minute gong session.

Aura Before

Aura After
Aura Before
Aura after Gongs


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~Psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the medicine of the future would be Sound~

~ The Gong is the spirit song. It is the primal whisper of the soul.
Its sound is the echo of the Original Word that created the world,
the sound within all sounds. ~Yogi Bhajan

Sonic Massage


Faye's presentation at Ozark Research Institute
Spring 2021

This is a magical, extraordinary opportunity for you to be bathed by the remarkable sounds and vibrations of Paiste Gongs. You will be treated to an amazing experience which I compose using the most incredible collection of Paiste Gongs. They may rock your world!

I play an numerous Paiste Gong. You relax in a zero gravity recliner or on a yoga mat and allow the vibration and sound to wash through your body. You receive a magnificent cellular massage that’s beyond any surround sound imaginable.

People are usually speechless afterwards, managing only to say “WOW”. Words can’t seem to adequately describe the actual experience. The amazing vibration of the gongs ‘bubble the issues right out of the tissues’ and you’re transported to places that some describe as ‘out of this world’. So I always encourage people to expect the unexpected because that’s what usually happens.

For more about Paiste Gongs, visit Healing with gongs


"A gong sound immersion is a journey into multi-dimensional realms. It facilitates healing and re-calibration of the whole body-mind-spirit! Each time I experience the gongs, I am able to feel the the benefits at a cellular level, raising vibration and consciousness. The session literally takes you away and is an amazing experience! Love, love, love the gongs." Madra Little -

May you all have the pleasure of meeting Faye Henry; she spreads great joy and truth just by being present. Jeannette Sebes-McDonald Chattanooga Tn

Faye…the amazing cosmic musician and her magical gongs!
Jody, Yoga Instructor, Atlanta Ga

I felt the lump just go away...the pain is gone...I can't believe it! And all I did was just enjoy the vibration! Jill Ga

Thank you for a good nights sleep afterward! First in a long while! P. NYC

More testimonials here.

A Sonic Massage has to be experienced to be believed.

Modern science confirms what mystics and wise healers from older cultures knew about harmonizing, healing and expanding human consciousness. Life basically consists of sound. It is believed to have helped to bring humankind forth and today it helps to maintain our very existence. Ancient civilisations used sound to heal and achieve balance within. The gongs are the oldest known musical instrument. They’re used by many for healing, balance and expanding consciousness.

This is your opportunity to experience something very rare.

I invite you to explore more - My journey with sound.
To discover more about My understanding of healing.

You can purchase instruments, even a gong, for your own use through me on this page. I can happily give you tips on how to make the most of your purchase to create a good vibration of love and wholeness to share!

Booking & Cancellation Policy: Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis and reservations are only confirmed when payment is received.

If after reserving your place you’re unable to attend, please notify me at least 3 days prior to the event. You can call me on 706-857-6300 or send an email to, I can then offer the space to someone else and you can reschedule for a different session within 6 months of the original session date.

If you haven’t advised me at least 3 days prior to the event your money will be used for travel costs and no credit will be issued for a future session.

If for some reason the planned Sonic Massage session is canceled, I’ll notify you as soon as possible and you can choose either a full refund or reschedule at a later date. So please be sure your paypal email address is valid so I have a contact for you!



What can you expect in a Sonic Massage?
View videos below for a sampling.

Energize Your Field with Gongs

This video is designed to increase your energy field.
You may want to listen once each day to expand your energy field.

Christmas Gong

This one is intended to be relaxing, listen as often as you like.