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Vibration, what is it and why should I be concerned with my Vibration?

Everything has a vibration! This means everything also has a frequency. The frequency is how many times in a given period something vibrates. Frequency is typically measured in hertz (Hz). One hertz is one cycle of a repeating event per second.

Your attention is powerful and you can demonstrate this by focusing on the heart chakra and Love. (when I speak of Love, I am speaking of the creative force that moves in all things instead of the emotion of being in love.)You can feel the power created by the heart. Have you ever noticed how close you can get to a bird or other wild creature when you can can stay in a heart centered place? This Love energy created by our heart is common through out all beings and each one recognizes it. This works with other humans as well. If we can tune in to our Love frequency, we are not a threat to others. And they respond in kind, both animals and humans. For demonstrations of this watch some of the videos about animals behaviour when humans are attempting to help them. They recognize the heart energy from those who are concerned and want to help them. Approach the same animal in fear and you will get a different reaction because they also recognize the vibration of fear.

What kind of vibration do you send out daily?
Do you carry negative emotions with you from something in the past and send out that vibration? Like attracts like. Our heart is magnetic energy and attracts to it the energy it puts out. Do you want to receive more of the way you are feeling? If you do, keep feeling that way.

If it is joy, you will attract more joy in your life. If it is anger you will attract more anger. If it is love you will attract more love. So the more love you give to others, the more love you attract to yourself because you have to be feeling it to give it away. What other feelings do you give away?

If you focus on how poor you are and spend all your thoughts on poor pitiful you, you will attract more things that make you feel that way.

If it is anger, and you stay focused on it and feeling it, you will attract more reasons to be angry.

According to David Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force” anger, grief, fear, guilt and shame are among the lowest of vibrations. Joy, peace and love are among the highest.

Consciousness level and vibration go hand in hand. They are not exactly the same; however you cannot affect one, without affecting the other. Lower vibrations are associated with a lower consciousness and a higher vibration is associated with a higher consciousness. Love is the key to them both....either an abundance of it or a lack there of.

The great news is we get to choose the vibration we create because we can choose what we think about and our thoughts cause us to feel emotions. So if you can keep your thoughts focused on the feelings you want to feel. Your magnetic energy from your heart will attract more things in your life to allow you to feel that way. So in effect, you can create the feelings you choose. Choose wisely.

We all have challenges in life, nobody is perfect, and few can stay in that place of the highest vibration ALL the time. The really good news is that only minutes a day can make a huge difference. So when you encounter something that trips your thoughts to a negative place and you start putting out bad vibes you can take action to move from there as quickly as possible. Be gentle with yourself for going to that bad vibration in the first place. We are human. We all make mistakes. The key is to recognize why you are there, then take action to raise that vibration.

Always...... these things apply to being in a safe situation where physical harm is not being done to anyone. You never deserve to be put in harm’s way, nor need to stay there or allow others to be physically or mentally abused. In a dangerous situation, take whatever necessary and legal action is available to you in that moment to assure your safty.

This is offered for daily things that trigger you and put you into a lower vibration. You can choose to increase your vibration and these steps can assist you in accomplishing that.

Steps to increase vibration when you find yourself in a challenging situation:
1. Move to neutral, the negative emotion harms you the most so do it for YOU. So change your thoughts to something at least neutral.

2. Be willing to look at things from a different perspective. You do not have to change your opinion, just make an effort to understand why they feel the way they do. Most people really only want to be understood. When they feel this, they are often more willing to listen to someone else’s view. So often this becomes a win win and both parties are willing to talk it out. If not, just try to understand where they are, and be willing to allow them to stay there if they choose. Then you choose a different vibration. You being willing is not the same as accepting abuse in any form.

3. Accept that some things you are not supposed to have control over and others make different choices than you would. And as long as they do not harm others or break laws, they are allowed to make their own choices. Something that can help with this shift is to ask yourself if you want the other person to choose for you? If not, then why would they want to allow you to choose for them? And yes….you may know something they have not learned yet and would benefit from. You cannot force them to accept this knowledge, however if you can move to a higher vibration, you have a greater chance to reasonably have a conversation with them and share what you know in a way that is not offensive to them. And in doing this are much more likely to assist them with this knowledge. If they are not interested, do not take it personally. Your power is more powerful than your force. Stayin in a higher vibration allows you to act from a position of power. Lowering your vibration put you in a place where you are working with force and seldom really works well long term.

4. Be reasonable. With yourself, and with others

5. Love yourself.

If you are not is a place of clarity where you can do the above. I would suggest humming to yourself. This also increases your vibration and helps to shift your thought processes to a more calmer place. And if you have access to the internet, come here to my site and listen to the gongs....they definitely help quiet the mind, and raise your vibration!

You share and give the gift of your vibration with everyone you meet and interact with each day. It is something that happens naturally and you cannot stop it. You do this if your vibration is high or low. So give the greatest gift to everyone you meet by being the LOVE that you already are… staying at that vibration as much as you can.

A nice thing about that is that disease has a low frequency. So rise above that and vibrate at a higher frequency and
you will notice your health increases along with your vibration.

At this time, with COVID 19, it is more important than ever as there is much out there to incite fear, hate, guilt and shame. Moving to those vibrations affect your immune system in a negative way. Staying at a higher vibration reduces stress and stimulates your immune system to be its best. And the really great news is your body is the most awesome creation. It knows how to stay healthy and it knows how to heal with it gets sick. We just have to give it good vibes and relax and allow it to do so.

Our body requires good vibrations, good nutrition, good water, good air, and daily movement to perform at its best. All these are choice you can make…so love yourself, love your body and be all that you are designed to be. Remember you are awesomely made and these things can help you maintain your vibration at its highest and your life at its best, wherever you find yourself during these challenging times. Rise to the challenge, you CAN do it!

written by Faye Henry of Touchstone Vibrations July 12, 2020

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