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Learn to Play Gongs Weekend
July16-18, 2021

in the beautiful North Georgia foothills, just outside of Rome.

You will learn to play each of the four types of Paiste Gongs. It is my intent to introduce you to the Paiste Gongs, teach you specific techniques to play them, and share what I have learned in over 14 years of experience with sound as a healing modality. You will have the opportunity to play gongs and the experience of being bathed in the sound of the gongs yourself.

It will be a hands on retreat where you will spend much of the time playing the gongs
yourself. We will have 8 Paiste Gong, an ancient Thai Temple gong, an Om gong and a variety of bowls, bells, shell horns and whistles that can be used for sound exploration.

This will be a full weekend of sound and sound can have a profound affect upon the physical body. So come for the healing possibilities, or come because you want to learn to play gongs, both will be a part of this weekend event.

Each person will receive at least 3 one hour gong sessions during the weekend. We will do bio-feedback on Friday evening, and again on Sunday so you can see the effect that being in the vibration of the gongs has upon your physical body.

We have had reports of the auric field expanding by more than 50% in 2 minutes, so imagine what can happen in a weekend!

This will be a full weekend of sound and sound can have a profound affect upon the physical body. So come for the healing possibilities, stay for the fun! Leave as a gong artist with full capability of creating your own sonic massage! Expect to release stress and welcome complete relaxation while learning to play the gongs!

Together we will create a space of sound and vibration filled with Divine Love and explore the healing potential of the human body when immersed in a high vibrational field.

Most participants experience profound personal transformation and healing as a result of being surrounded with these healing frequencies so completely for the weekend. When you completely relax the body and surround yourself with higher vibrations, the body inately knows what to do to heal itself, and just goes about doing that. Bring your favorite musical instrument to share!

Drum Circle on Saturday night. Bring your favorite instruments to play!

Play the gong and the sound gently and thoroughly massages every cell in your body. This stimulates the lymphatic system and may improve overall health. The Gong gently moves you to a deep state of relaxation, the place where physical bodies heal and
rejuvenate naturally.

The gong was among the first musical instruments played by man and can be traced back to the second millennium B.C., and it is believed that the gong is much older than that. Only a few families knew the tradition of gong making and it was passed down to each new generation. This art of making gongs was veiled in a sense of magic. Gong makers believed that a gong was created successfully only with the help of higher powers. And some believed that to touch a gong would assure one of strength and fortune.

The ancient science of sound vibrations has been found to be a healing process on many levels, for the purpose of aligning the physical and subtle bodies with their own natural vibration and allowing the individual to experience the highest state of awareness and health.

If you have any specific food requirements/allergies, please discuss this with us at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival so we can decide how to best accomodate your needs. Storage is available if you want to bring any special foods or drinks.


Weekend Cost: $520 per person

This includes food and accommodations with two people per room and most have ensuite baths. Limited to 6 people.

A non-refundable deposit of $120 is required to hold your space with final
payment due upon arrival.

I like to keep these classes small so each person has lots of time to play the gongs, so it is limited to 6 people, reserve early.

Flight Information: Closest airport is Atlanta (ATL).Rental cars are available at the airport. Transportation can be arranged via shuttle van and cost will depend upon the number of passengers. If you need information on transportation, email Faye at:

You may be able to come in early or stay over on Sunday. Coordinate with me for additional cost and availability. Additional nights Lodging is $60 per day, with meals $15 per meal. Or you can stay and eat out at local restaurants as you enjoy exploring the Rome area. We can taylor your stay to your desires if it fits into my schedule as well.

The weekend begins with dinner at 6 on Friday and ends at 5 PM on Sunday.

Select payment or deposit below
Pay with credit card online, call with a credit card, or make deposit checks payable to Faye Henry and mail to:

3044 Haywood Valley Road
Armuchee, Ga 30105