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Nested in a natural cavern, high within a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley in the Ozarks of Arkansas is Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. A lodge like no other, it is a living cavern transformed into a high-end retreat for those who seek adventure in style.
Unlike anyplace else on earth, the vacation get away just got better!

You can now enjoy a private Sonic Massage with Gongs by Faye Henry during your stay in the Cave House. Contact Faye to discuss price and scheduling.

There are two options available. A 1.5 hour sonic massage one afternoon during your stay. Because I have to travel with the gongs from Ga, the cost for this is $750. You can set the time, I will arrive and set up, then play one hour for you, then allow you to explore the gongs and ask any questions you may have, Then I will pack them up and leave you to your weekend.

If you would like me and the gongs to stay with you for 2 days in the cave and provide sonic massages for you throughout the weekend, I am happy to do that. I would need overnight accomodations in the cave, so be sure to save a room for me. I would play up to 3 hours each day as you desire. You would also have the opportunity to play the gongs if you like after a short introduction class. So you get gongs all weekend, or a 2 day period during the week if that is your choice. Cost is $1500. Want to learn to play gongs? This would be a great place to bring a group for a class. Get with me to discuss possibilities.

To book your stay in the Cave House visit