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Aura Imaging by Faye

Around our physical body, we have several energy fields. These energy fields are known as Auras. They tell us a lot about our mental, physical and spiritual status in any given moment of time. The aura is the individual expression of the universal live force energy.

Learning about your aura and how to create a healthy aura is very helpful to maintain physical health. To change any condition in your life, you need to generate the spiritual power necessary to make that change. The place you generate that spiritual energy is in your aura. Health manifests in the aura your aura healthy?

My aura imaging camera is classified as a biofeedback apparatus. It produces an electronic interpretation of what we believe the Aura would looks like based upon measuring electrical potential along the meridian points of the palm of the hand. This data is converted into an electrical frequency and displayed as colors and patterns shown over the portrait to represent the Aura. At this time, there is no device that actually can capture a true photo of the aura.

This technology is different than Kirlian photography which actually sends an electric charge to the plate. With that process, a person may actually feel a gentle current of electricity. Both systems are classified as electrophotography. The major differences though is that our equipment sends no charge to subject being photographed. Our units are biofeedback devices, which measure your personal qualities through contact.

We have several different auras or energy fields around the physical body. This captures the spiritual aura and cannot be used to diagnose medical conditions in the body. It can help to reveal the things that are beneficial to your spiritual growth. And in my opinion, disease and healing begins in the spiritual auric field. So it can show you if your energy is balanced, your chakras are energized and balanced and give you a great progress report about where you want to be.

Here are a few before and after photos. Mine are before playing gongs and after playing two gong sessions for others. The others are immediately before and immediately after a private gong session.