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I often talk about the power of love and have recently found information about Marcel Vogel. I have had a Vogel cut amythest crystal pendant for about 15 years and never really read much about the man who created them. Recently I was ordering a crystal bowl and the distributor mentioned they are now selling the Vogel Cut Crystal Pendants. This was exciting news and I have ordered some for sale, and done a little research on Dr. Vogel. He was an IBM research scientist and founder of Psychic Research, Inc.

I find his words resonate with me and I want to share this with you. He was a scientist who worked with IBM developing crystals used in our computers, so we have all benefited from his work!

I speak of Divine Love as opposed to emotional love, and find it difficult to describe just what I mean.

Marcel discovered that the greatest cohering agent is love.  This, of course, set him apart from his fellow scientists.  To Marcel, love was (and is) a pure force.  We may experience it as an emotion, but this is our experience of something that is beyond emotion.  He likened it to gravity, an attracting and cohering force present at every level of existence.  He said a critical factor is creating crystals that are theraputic, they MUST be cut with love. The Star of David crystals in the pendants below are cut by someone trained by Marcel Vogel and Marcel left this physical world in 1991.

Marcel Vogel created the Star of David to serve as a receiver, amplifier and transmitter of Universal Life Force energies and to strengthen the wearer's bio-field, or aura. 

Marcel Vogel said: “The principle of life is the soul, without it, there is only matter that decays. The soul attaches consciousness to matter, imprinting consciousness energy to physical matter. Love is the primary unit of life, hate is the primary negative unit of life”.


Star of David™ (Merkaba) Vogel Cut crystal pendants:

The Star of David™ cut was developed by Marcel Voge and exhibits two triangular cuts, one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down, symbolizing the higher and lower trinities, the coming together of Spirit and Earth, offering the wearer a crystal that will help them maintan their natural energy of Love, wholeness and access to the Higher Self. It helps to amplify your love and either send it inward to your body, or outward to others, depending upon how you wear the pendant.

This is an excellent crystal to wear while meditating or to simply add beauty to your day. It comes in Clear Quartz, Smoke Quartz, Siberian Blue QUartz, Siberian Gold Quartz, SIberian Green Quarta and Siberian Purple Quartz for $129. USD. And other quartz at additional prices.




Will make a great Christmas present for someone!

Each one comes boxed ready for giving!


Each pendant is fashioned of the quarz in a Sterling Silver setting with a sterling silver 18" chain.

Siberian Gold Quartz & side view

Star of David™ Clear Quartz


Star of David™ Vogel Cut Clear Quartz crystal




Star of David™ Smokey Quartz


QuartzStar of David™ Cut Smokey


Star of David™ Siberian Purple Quartz


Star of David™ Cut Siberian Purple Quartz


Essential Oil Scented Lava Bead Bracelets.

Stretch natural stone diffuser bracelets. Each one is unique and hand made by Faye. Then energized with the sound of the gongs. Using only natural stone, sterling silver or silver plated pewter, and occasionally glass spacer beads, each bracelet contains natural lava stone. These porus beads make great essential oil diffusers as you wear them. Simple put a drop of your favorite on the lava beads (it will not absorb into the gemstone beads...only the lava beads). And wear your favorite essential oil. Each bracelet contains one or more of the following stones: Lava, magnesite dyed green and turquoise, Amazonite, Green Adverturine, Red Jasper, Pink Rhodonite, Snow Quartz, Blue Imperial Jasper, or Howlite.

Two sizes are available:

Regular 7-7.25 inches

Medium: 8 - 8.5 Inches

Each bracelet come with 1/4 Dram bottle of Therapetuic Grade Essential oil. The type oil may vary.

Because each bracelet is unique, I do not offer color selection, but if you have a pereference between more or less gemstones please include a note and I will do my best to provide what you would like.

Hand Made, with 1/4 dram theraputic grade essential oil.

$14.99 each.