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    We offer instruments and music for sale that we find to be beneficial to the health and wellbeing of an individual. These include sound in different instruments that do not require a background in music to play. Anyone can play them! Yes, that means you too!

    The only knowledge required to play is the desire to create beautiful sounds that will be beneficial to you and those you love. There are no notes or sequences to learn....just move into your heart and start playing....these instruments are so amazing they always sound wonderful!

    So click on a link above to start browsing and see what resonates with you. We have some vidoes and audios and will be adding more each week.

    Interested in a Richway Amethest BioMat? Click on the mat for details.



24/26" Multi Gong Stand
Price: $294.00

28/30" Multi Gong Stand
Price: $338.00

32/34" Multi Gong Stand
Price: $372.00

36/40" Multi Gong Stand
Price: $460.00

20"- 22" Single Stand
Price: $204.00

24" - 26" Single Stand
Price: $226.00

28" Single Stand
Price: $234.00

30" Single Stand
Price: $262.00

32" - 34" Single Stand
Price: $292.00

36" - 40" Single Stand
Price: $372.00

50" Single Stand
Price: $900.00