Convention - April 5-8 (1hr classes)

Live Stream - April 5-8

Life Changing, Mind Expanding Lectures!

 Brandie Chrisman — Embracing Spirit

❤ Zabe Barns — Empowered Seashell Healing 

❤ Vita Berg & Christina Mitchell — Decoding Adversity

❤ Kathleen Shannon O’Brien Hale —Let’s Get Glowing!

❤ Boni Oian — Reprograming Your Beliefs and Feelings

❤ Yvonne Daily — Sustaining Vitality, Body, Mind, Soul

❤ Lilian Bern, M.A. — How We Invite Trouble Into Our Lives 

❤ Adrian Kellar — Better Understanding and Retaining Information

❤ Chris Goin-Anderson — Manifestation through Dowsing the Chakras 

❤ Michael Schemerhorn — Crystal Gridding with Intention and Belief

❤ Patti Conklin — How to Improve Yourself for the Benefit of Others & Healing Circle

An amazing line up of speakers with Patti Conklin delivering the Keynote talk on Saturday night!
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All times are CDT

Local time in Fayetteville, Arkansas USA

(Same time as Chicago, Il USA)

During lunch break each day we will have an opportunity for speakers to talk
about the items they have for sale at their booths and on their websites.
So you get information about their products on the live stream.
The pre and post conference workshops are not a part of the live stream.

Patti Conklin

Keynote Speaker

Patti Conklin is one of the greatest Medical Intuitives of the 21st Century.

She is a 20 year industry leader with a progressive innovative style
dedicated to providing top of the line complementary health care.
Using her unique techniques, Patti developed her
World Famous ColorWorks, ToneWorks, Cellular Cleansing,
and Intensive Cellular Cleansing to assist people in achieving healthy fulfilling lives. 


❖ Patti Conklin Keynote:

The Journey of Service For so many Leaders throughout the world, the idea of being of service starts young, or during a traumatic time.

There are many reasons why some people become Leaders and spend their life teaching, learning, and being of service to all that they encounter in their lives. Being of service doesn't mean being famous, it doesn't mean being wealthy, it means holding others in respect and love. I'm sure you've known many, and maybe YOU fit this category, but let's take time to recognize a wonderful group of people, who happen to be members of a family who have chosen the life of Service.

Be inspired, live your life of service!

Patti will also speak on Monday presenting the Closing Lecture on April 9th:
How to Improve Yourself for the Benefit of Others

Sometimes we KNOW we have attributes built into our DNA to help others but we can't seem to get out of our own way. We self sabotage unconsciously, we make excuses of "I'm not good enough" We feel we aren't important enough, we haven't written a book yet, and the list goes on and on.

Lets look at a few tools in order for you to improve yourself for the benefit of others. It's easy, it's fast and it will make a world of difference in the lives of those you touch. 

Jeanne Gehringer

Advanced Dowsing Techniques

Learning how to dowse is a segue into accessing information on anything, anytime, anywhere. It is the library card to the cosmic library. In this advanced dowsing workshop Jeanne will take you into the intriguing areas of clearing non beneficial energies from homes and workplaces, clearing non beneficial disincarnate entities and energies, clearing non beneficial thought forms, dowsing for beneficial food,
nutrition, and water, removing non beneficial psychic chords, and more. Importantly, she will also teach shielding methods, how to trust your dowsing and how to ask the right question correctly. She will go over a myriad of applications in this interactive class and you will learn exactly how to use dowsing in different scenarios. Time will be allowed for dowsing application questions that you bring in. Bring your pendulum, questions and a questing mind.
Let’s have fun exploring energies!

(A working knowledge of dowsing is required for this class)

Friday Only, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Additional cost of $70 for this all day workshop

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